L Proposal | Kennesaw Photographer

We had the honor of capturing a special moment for a wonderful couple - the moment when the boyfriend proposed to his girlfriend. We were able to capture this inside their cozy home and in the front yard.

This was a surprise proposal, and the girlfriend had no idea what was coming. It was important for us to be discreet and capture the moment without her knowing that we were there. It was an emotional moment, and we were so grateful to have been there to capture it. She was so surprised and excited!!

We started the shoot inside the house, using the natural light to capture some great images. After spending some time inside, we moved outside to the front yard. The sun was just starting to set, and the light was perfect for some romantic shots. 

As a photographer, capturing moments like this is what makes our job so rewarding. Being able to witness and capture a proposal, one of the most intimate and emotional moments in a couple’s life, is truly a privilege.

~Your Kennesaw Photographer

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