Headshot Pricing

Option 1

- 1 outfit

- 2 high-res. edited photo downloads (extra edited downloads available at additional cost)

- $125

Option 2

- 2 outfits

- 4 high-res. edited photo downloads (extra edited downloads available at additional cost)

- $250

Option 3

- 3 outfits

- 6 high-res. edited photo downloads (extra edited downloads available at additional cost)

- $375

NEW  Outfit Consultation with Jess - $75

30-60 minute Zoom call to look at and discuss your outfit choices.

Personalized Pinterest style board.   or   Text while shopping at agreed upon time, up to 2 stores.

We recommend Options 1 or 2 for corporate or social media headshots, but Options 2 or 3 work best for actors,  models, and online dating photos.

>>> We do not have a studio space, we shoot all photos on location. <<<

The Basics :

- Email us to book!

- 25% of session fee is due at booking.

- Have a fabulous photoshoot with us!

- In 5-7 days unedited images are ready for viewing.

- Make your image choices.

- In 5-7 days edited images will be available for download.

>>> How to prepare for your headshot session. <<<

Your ability to get the audition will determine the success of your acting career.

However, getting that audition slot depends exclusively on your actor headshot. Your talent and hard work will only be seen if we get to audition for that special role that will launch your career. Nothing is more important than getting the right Atlanta Acting Headshots Photographer.

Your headshot gets the audition. Your talent books the role.

There are over 100 headshot photographers in Atlanta. Choosing one is like playing the lottery. Most headshot photographers can take  nice pictures of you. But a nice picture does not grab the casting director’s attention. A nice picture goes into the wastebasket!

What kind of Atlanta actor headshots grab the casting director's attention?

What is the recipe that creates an actor headshot that brings you inside the audition room? What sort of headshot makes a casting director want to meet the person in the photograph? What kind of headshot stops a casting director in their tracks?

Atlanta Acting Headshot Tips

Atlanta Acting Headshots are your business cards. They open doors and prepare the agents, acting coaches, casting agents,

and directors for your arrival. The acting headshot should capture you at your best showing the depth of your personality

and spirit.  We let your spirit shine with a comfortable creative environment and years of experience photographing actors.

In our consultations with our actor clients we discuss wardrobe, make-up and shot ideas and locations to form a plan for your

up coming shoot. When you arrive on the day of your shoot we are ready with our camera gear, reflectors and more. We are always professional and prepared to get you the best acting headshots you have ever had, without any weird uncomfortable moments.


The night before the shoot pull your clothes together and organize them for the different looks that you want to 

acheive. Stay away from bold patterns and pick colors that flatter your skin tone. Try your clothes on and look at

the neckline, do they flatter your face? Bring a variety of sleeve lengths and colors.  But by all means bring lots of

choices so your Atlanta photographer can go over your wardrobe when you arrive on the day of the shoot. Also, plan your

accessories like jewelry, earrings, neckless and belts. 

Keep the jewelry simple and non-distracting unless you are looking for a character look. It is a good idea if you have nice clothes to hang them in a garment bag rather

than cramming them in a suit case. A suit case is fine for t-shirts and pants but not for nice shirts and dresses.

Lastly get a good nights rest and drink lots of water.

The day of the photo shoot have something to eat before you arrive so by the time your half way into the shoot

your energy stays pumped. An Atlanta photo shoot takes a lot of energy. Also arrive a little early to park and get familiar

with your surroundings, hang up your clothes and organize them. Then when it’s your shoot time you will feel

at ease and ready to create great headshots.

After the shoot we will send you a link and you can choose your favorite ones. We are very good at helping you narrow down

to your best shots. Then we will retouch and prepare the chosen images for you.

Ready to start that new career or book that dream role? Let us capture that perfect head shot for you. Corporate headshots, Linkedin Headshots, Dating Headshots, Acting Headshots and more.

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David & Jess are Atlanta based photographers who specialize in familycouples, and engagement portraits, and corporate, model, and actor headshots. We serve the local Atlanta area including Brookhaven, Buckhead, Vinings, Virginia Highlands, Sandy Springs, West Midtown and surrounding areas.

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