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There are a few precious things during your life, in which you won’t regret the investment of your money. A family home, retirement money, your child’s education, travel, and vacations are all obvious examples. The one, far less expensive, thing that will be passed on and appreciated long after you have left this earth….. photographs.

In this world, we all have thousands of pictures of ourselves, family, friends, outings and even our meals. The problem is that they sit locked away on our phones and computers. Then when we actually get around to printing them, the quality is pretty disappointing. Take a look at the next pair of photos and tell me which one you would prefer to hang on your wall and be passed down for generations.

The above may be an extreme example, but even taken with the best camera on a phone, the difference is easy to see. The two images below were taken on the same day, at the same location for a portrait session in Piedmont Park. Which one would you want framed?

The holidays are prime photo-taking season for moms and dads.  We all have the yearly photo in front of the Christmas tree or and adorable photo of that year’s Halloween costume. Those are undoubtedly precious moments, but not the same as a single, joyful picture (professionally shot) and perfectly capturing your family at that time.

Don’t stop taking those candid shots on your iPhone, capture away. Just make a point to schedule family photos with a trusted, professional photographer every year, or at least every couple of years. We can be promised that those years will fly by, but catching that split second and hanging it on a wall can preserve the joy.

Headshots and Your New Start!

Life can be full of change and unexpected shifts in our plans, as 2020 has shown us. This change may lead you to seek out a new career path, prioritize relationships, or follow that forgotten dream. Photographs, whether used to promote yourself in a specific career field or used to mark a special moment in your life, will never lose their value. 

Atlanta Headshots

A bright, vibrant smile on LinkedIn or a resume is an eye catcher. Projecting energy, motivation, and willingness to work with others is crucial in a competitive job market. Your first impression is no longer in person, it’s online…. make it count!

dating headshots Atlanta

Have you started a new business venture or non-profit organization? Show the world who is behind it all and let them connect with you through casual, friendly head-shots. 

professional headshots Atlanta

Professional head-shots are also great for social media, as potential employers, love interests, and business connections will be made there. Never underestimate the power of a clean, attractive portrait.

Headshots Atlanta

Research photographers, read reviews, and schedule a head-shot session! It is a worthwhile investment that will skyrocket your new start.

Atlanta Photo Shoot Locations

 Atlanta has so many fantastic locations for photo shoots! Our current favorites are both inside the city, but they each offer a variety of backdrops. Whether you are having casual portraits made, or head shots for business or online dating, outdoor locations give a warm positive vibe. Needless to say, our favorite spots happen to be completely outdoors. This first set of photos are from West Midtown…

Dating Profile Pics Atlanta

Social Media Pics

Headshots Atlanta

 West Midtown, including Westside Provisions, is a great new revitalized area in Atlanta. There are industrial areas, greenery with seating and benches, parking decks, and common areas that are all great for photo shoots. The best part is the proximity, all of these locations are a short walk from each other. The next set of photos are from Piedmont Park….

Dating Atlanta

Social Media Photos

My Atlanta Photographer

 When you think of Piedmont Park, you probably think of trees and open green lawns. The Park also has lovely little nooks of stone and stairs that work great for head shots and portraits. There is a bit more walking involved in a photo shoot there, but in the evening (even in the summer) it is a nice, comfortable stroll. 

 Here ya go, a couple of nice green shots from Piedmont Park….

Social Media and Business Headshots in Atlanta

The face you put forward on social media can be as important as the face you put forward in person. Businesses not only look to LinkedIn profiles, but they also search personal social media accounts when considering a new hire. If you have public profiles, then professional headshots can be a benefit even on social media. Small business owners also need great headshots, as the face of their company.

Our years of experience as portrait and headshot photographers allows us to capture personal, relatable, and engaging photographs. Your headshots should be professional and clean, but should also express personality. We take our time to get to know you and your specific needs in headshot photography.

Contact us to schedule your session! We offer on-locations shoots in Atlanta and studio shoots (for an additional fee). Let us provide you with photos that you love, as much as you need.

Engagement Photographers Atlanta

Engagement photos are the perfect way to celebrate love! Share them with your family, add the photos to your wedding invitations, and display framed engagement photos at your wedding reception.

Engagement Photographers Atlanta

As professional engagement photographers in Atlanta we can make sure that your engagement shoot turns out just the way you want it. We can shoot in any location in the Atlanta area, as well as provide studio space to capture the perfect shots.

If you are seeking a photographer for engagement photos with experience, feel free to contact us HERE. We can begin the process of selecting a date and a location for your
engagement photos. We have over 13 years of experience and know how to capture high-quality engagement photos that successfully demonstrate the love, joy, and happiness of soon-to-be married couples.

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