Social Media and Business Headshots in Atlanta

The face you put forward on social media can be as important as the face you put forward in person. Businesses not only look to LinkedIn profiles, but they also search personal social media accounts when considering a new hire. If you have public profiles, then professional headshots can be a benefit even on social media. Small business owners also need great headshots, as the face of their company.

Our years of experience as portrait and headshot photographers allows us to capture personal, relatable, and engaging photographs. Your headshots should be professional and clean, but should also express personality. We take our time to get to know you and your specific needs in headshot photography.

Contact us to schedule your session! We offer on-locations shoots in Atlanta and studio shoots (for an additional fee). Let us provide you with photos that you love, as much as you need.

Engagement Photographers Atlanta

Engagement photos are the perfect way to celebrate love! Share them with your family, add the photos to your wedding invitations, and display framed engagement photos at your wedding reception.

Engagement Photographers Atlanta

As professional engagement photographers in Atlanta we can make sure that your engagement shoot turns out just the way you want it. We can shoot in any location in the Atlanta area, as well as provide studio space to capture the perfect shots.

If you are seeking a photographer for engagement photos with experience, feel free to contact us HERE. We can begin the process of selecting a date and a location for your
engagement photos. We have over 13 years of experience and know how to capture high-quality engagement photos that successfully demonstrate the love, joy, and happiness of soon-to-be married couples.

Actor Headshots Atlanta

Photographing people in the entertainment industry is a particular joy for us! Actors, models, and those in theater need different looks for their headshots. The feel and style of a headshot session can be shifted by things as simple as the lighting. This is a challenge that we enjoy in our photography business.

Actor Headshots Atlanta

ATL Headshots

Professional Headshots Atlanta

Recently, we photographed some headshots for Michael, who is entering the film industry. He chose a multiple look session and wanted some different backgrounds in his photos. That day we walked around West Midtown Atlanta and found some great spots.

Pro Headshots Atlanta

Atlanta Headshots

Acting Headshots Atlanta

 You can see in these images that subtle changes in body position and eye contact give off different vibes. This is essential for actor headshots, because you do want to show some range even in photographs.

 Email or text us to book and we will get you hooked up with the photos you need, specific to your career goals!

Behind the Scenes - Atlanta Photographers

 Over the years, David and I have snapped a ton of photos of each other working. In particular we have a lot from weddings, maybe because the work day is so long. We no longer photograph weddings, having decided to focus on portraits and headshots, but love looking back on those times.

David and I tend to get in some weird positions and locations, in order to get the perfect shot. Here are some “behind the scenes” shots of us, sacrificing our dignity and clean clothes in the pursuit of great photography.

 Now on to David’s flower shots! Let me give you the quick story on their origins. When David and I were photographing a wedding, and got to the time for photos of the bride and groom, I would end up carrying the bouquet for the bride. She was normally holding up the train of her dress, with help from the groom, while walking to the location. Once we arrived and got the couple into their first pose, I would walk over to adjust the bride’s dress. That’s when I would hand her flowers to David. Once the couple was settled, I would turn around and see my handsome husband with the bouquet. A photo was snapped every time.

We love to do our job well and have fun doing it! Let’s be honest, most people don’t like having their photo taken, so loosening up our clients is of great benefit. David and I are blessed to be in this line of work and are excited to work with all our new Atlanta portrait and headshot clients.


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