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We are always excited to capture precious moments for families. And this particular photo shoot in Dunwoody was no exception. The day was sunny, perfect for outdoor photography, and the location we had chosen was a beautiful park with a bridge and a vast grass field.

We started the session with a walk over the bridge, and we immediately noticed their sons excitement, as he interacted with mom and dad. We followed closely, capturing candid shots of him, and the parents walking hand in hand with him, in between them.  The walk over bridge made the perfect backdrop for these shots.

As we crossed the bridge, we came to a grass field, where we would spend the majority of the session. The parents laid down a blanket and sat with their son, who was eager to explore his surroundings. We started capturing shots of him sitting on the blanket, by himself and then some shots with mom and dad sitting next to him. Our favorite shot is, when dad tossed him up in the air. He Loved it!!

The grass provided a beautiful, natural backdrop, and the sun highlighted the family’s features perfectly. We always love playing with the light in our photos, and in this instance, the sun created a beautiful, warm glow.

The son continued to play around the family, and we captured candid shots of him in his element. We wanted to showcase his personality. He was full of energy, and it was evident in the photos we took of him. The parents did a fantastic at keeping him engaged.

As the session progressed, the family’s mother-in-law joined us, and we took some lovely shots of her with the family. The back lite photos came out perfect!

Overall, this family photo shoot was a success. The family was fantastic to work with, and the location provided the perfect backdrop for our shoot. The sunny day provided the perfect lighting, highlighting the family’s features and personalities. I am always thrilled to capture moments like these, and I hope that the family cherishes these memories forever.

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