P Family | Woodstock Photographer

We had the pleasure of capturing the precious moments of the P family in their backyard.  Before the shoot, we scouted the backyard and found a few spots that would work perfectly as backdrops. We wanted to capture the family in natural light, so we planned the shoot, late in the afternoon, when the sun was just setting.

We started with a more formal setup, where we posed the family with the backdrop of their backyard. We positioned the parents first and then posed the children, making sure to create a balance between them. We encouraged the family to interact with each other, to capture their natural expressions.

After the posed shots, we started with candid photos. The kids were a bundle of energy, which made for some fantastic shots. We used our 70-200mm lens to get in close and capture their playful expressions.

Finally, we moved to a small bridge located in the backyard, where we captured some more formal shots of the family. Throughout the shoot, we made sure to keep the mood light and fun. It’s essential to keep the children engaged and entertained, so they don’t get bored or restless. We were thrilled with the results and proud to have created lasting memories for the Phillips family :).

~Your Woodstock Photographer

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