Actor Headshots Atlanta

Photographing people in the entertainment industry is a particular joy for us! Actors, models, and those in theater need different looks for their headshots. The feel and style of a headshot session can be shifted by things as simple as the lighting. This is a challenge that we enjoy in our photography business.

Actor Headshots Atlanta

ATL Headshots

Professional Headshots Atlanta

Recently, we photographed some headshots for Michael, who is entering the film industry. He chose a multiple look session and wanted some different backgrounds in his photos. That day we walked around West Midtown Atlanta and found some great spots.

Pro Headshots Atlanta

Atlanta Headshots

Acting Headshots Atlanta

 You can see in these images that subtle changes in body position and eye contact give off different vibes. This is essential for actor headshots, because you do want to show some range even in photographs. 

The headshot is the single most important marketing tool that an actor has to showcase for a job. Casting directors, writers, producers, and directors use it to get a quick look, to ascertain whether you have what it takes for a given role. So, if you are looking to get new acting headshots, that will get you that dream role, let us do that for you.

We have some of the most affordable actor headshots in Atlanta.   Email or text us to book and we will get you hooked up with the photos you need, specific to your career goals!

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