W Family | Lawrenceville Photographer

We had the pleasure of photographing the W family, near Lake Lanier. We met around sunset because the lighting was perfect! Their boys had so much fun, playing in the woods and throwing rocks in the lake.

Next, we ventured into the woods, which provided a completely different setting for our shoot. The kids were excited to explore the trees, and we captured some candid shots of them sitting on fallen logs and them practicing to see, who can jump the highest. 

We love working with natural elements like water and woods, as they add depth and texture to the photos. The family looked happy and relaxed, with big smiles on their faces, and we captured some beautiful shots.

Overall, we had a fantastic time shooting the  Wroblexski family. They were wonderful to work with, and the setting provided a stunning backdrop for our shoot. 

~Your Lawrenceville Photographer

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