Behind the Scenes - Atlanta Photographers

 Over the years, David and I have snapped a ton of photos of each other working. In particular we have a lot from weddings, maybe because the work day is so long. We no longer photograph weddings, having decided to focus on portraits and headshots, but love looking back on those times.

David and I tend to get in some weird positions and locations, in order to get the perfect shot. Here are some “behind the scenes” shots of us, sacrificing our dignity and clean clothes in the pursuit of great photography.

 Now on to David’s flower shots! Let me give you the quick story on their origins. When David and I were photographing a wedding, and got to the time for photos of the bride and groom, I would end up carrying the bouquet for the bride. She was normally holding up the train of her dress, with help from the groom, while walking to the location. Once we arrived and got the couple into their first pose, I would walk over to adjust the bride’s dress. That’s when I would hand her flowers to David. Once the couple was settled, I would turn around and see my handsome husband with the bouquet. A photo was snapped every time.

We love to do our job well and have fun doing it! Let’s be honest, most people don’t like having their photo taken, so loosening up our clients is of great benefit. David and I are blessed to be in this line of work and are excited to work with all our new Atlanta portrait and headshot clients.


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