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 Picture the ultimate hipster, magazine cover cool, wearing mostly black. They sit in the corner of a local coffee shop with their MacBook Pro, editing and drinking some Yerba Mate tea. The hipster photographer checks their phone and then packs up, grabbing their $500 designer backpack filled with only the best/newest camera gear. You watch them walk out, imagining what a rock star they will look like during the shoot… forget the ordinary people they will be photographing.

 Now picture a woman at home, in her pajamas, with her hair pulled up and remnants of yesterday’s eyeliner still on her face. She is curled up on her couch, laptop in hand, fervently editing while simultaneously binge watching The Office on Netflix. A cup of coffee sits next to her that should have been reheated 2 hours ago. This woman will get cleaned up and dress professionally for the next shoot, but she will by no means look like the one who should be modeling.

 Both of these people probably exist, I just know there a lot more of the ones editing in their pajamas. The truth about photography is much like all other self-employment… it’s never as glamorous and carefree as it seems. There are endless hours of editing, emails, invoices, and contracts. Some shoots (weddings) can be physically exhausting, while other shoots (families with multiple toddlers/teens) can test your patience. Every one of those shoots is worth it, if you love photography.

 Our love of photography has led us to shoot hundreds of weddings and countless family portrait sessions. We have also done a lot of engagement photography, commercial work, and even some birth photography. The photos below are unique work shots of us.  Left - David was shooting a family session, when a downpour started mid-session. We tucked the family in a cute gazebo area and David braved the rain to get a great shot.  Right - I was photographing my good friend’s home birth. She had some health issues and ended up needing a c-section. The doctor gave me the go ahead, so I suited-up and got the photos that my friend wanted!

 Sometimes it’s dirty, exhausting and there are unexpected circumstances that keep you on your toes. Photography, specifically being a self-employed photographer, is hard work but always rewarding. The ultimate reward is seeing a client’s face light up when they see THE image. The image that was just a creative thought and made real by capturing an exact moment of light, framing, and emotion. Love of photography starts at that point, then it is nurtured and grown by the drive to please every single photography client.


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